Before contacting a TVYFL League Board Representative-

  • Did you contact you Head Coach?
  • Did you contact your Local Team Representative?
  • Did you receive an answer from your Local Organization?
  • Did you contact the offending team/coach/person via your teams League Representative?

This is proper procedure for the chain of command to function and allow local representatives to correct issues at their local team level. E-Board members will always refer you back to your local orginazation if you have not followed the above steps.


Please send all communication to
This will insure better commnication with all TVYFL board members.

Alfonzo Nava


Joe Powers

VP - Primary Team Contact

Jorje Garcia

VP - Special Events

Vito Fontana

VP - Special Events

Amy Crabtree

Cheer Commissioner - Primary Cheer Contact

Amy Rapier


Curtis Jacobson


Adam Lema

Coaches Commissioner - USA Football

Robert Mann

Insurance Commissioner

Tracy Blackmore

Ref Commissioner